This product is create within the project BG161PO003-1.1.05-0192-C0001 "Automated video media monitoring", which is funded by the Operational Programme "Development of the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013", financed by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund and the national budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.

We know where your competitors advertise. We know where you advertise. Automated monitoring. Each channel anytime.
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AUTOMATED VIDEO MEDIA MONITORING is an innovative system for monitoring TV programs. Its main purpose is to recognize video patterns. Most often the subjects of monitoring are commercials spots, company logos, political campaigns, particular images. The product automatically, without human intervention, tracks and records video patterns in the television programs by collecting and provides additional information, such as when and where the video is detected. The innovative product is designed to work with all TV programs all over the world. The system allows both searching real time at broadcasting as well in a video archive.
Dot Net Bulgaria's innovative product fully automates the process of video monitoring. Thus, the resources needed to watch TV channels are significantly reduced and time for preparing reports is greatly improved. Customers activities get more efficient and competitive. Automated video media monitoring is an entirely new product which allows the companies to receive prompt and accurate information about their position on the market and to benchmark with the competition.


Watch your coverage unfolds as it happens-and see why broadcast has a greater impact on public opinion than any other media.

Video analysis

Determine campaign effectiveness, message penetration, channel performance and more. We present data on the performance of your campaigns so that you can access impact.

Video archive solution

Be informed. Take correct decisions. Check all the ads you want. Full TV archive at your disposal.


Take VIDEACLIP at your premises OR Order your reports with us

Audio guide

WHAT IS INTENDED audio guide (AUDIO GUIDE) SYSTEM OKAYO? Audio guide system is an automatic system designed to guide various objects extending over a large area, where it is necessary to provide for further information Visitors on individual exhibits, places or other places. Configuring the audio guide is very easy as possible it can be adjusted individually for each exhibition, if installed in an art gallery. Records are in electronic format and can be stored in any electronic media, from CD to USB flash memory. The transfer them to devices as easy as possible via USB connection, and modules provided by the manufacturer allow for simultaneous manipulation on records of 10 audio guide device.

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Tour / group systems are radio devices that allow the transmission of sound from one communication to-multipoint or multipoint to many. Can be used in any environment that requires way communication between participants. Group guide system in classic form represents a transmitter that emits a certain radio frequency and multiple receivers tuned to that frequency for adoption. Transmitters emit in the range of several tens of meters, which is enough most organized groups. Communication is one-way ie only the guide to tourists. If Group guide system used for conference or tour where there several tour guide speaking different languages ​​Group Guide system can be set in mode many to many to offer every listener information in plain language. In this scenario each transmitter is set to broadcast on different frequencies and listeners give information on which frequency what language is available. Because radio frequencies are different no interference in the show, and each listener can not change the language of the receiving information only by entering the desired frequency in the appliance. For more information you can learn with a catalog of offered devices and contact us


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